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Become a Movement Sustainer

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From our inception, Resist has been rooted in movements for liberation led by the people. Today, Resist continues to fund hundreds of grassroots organizations across the US and US occupied territory, connected by a shared vision – that liberation is not only possible, that it is on its way.

And you, as a part of a community of over 8,000 donors nationwide have funded their work every step of the way. Every monthly and quarterly gift serves as a movement sustainer to the hundreds of grassroots organizations all across the country moving us towards justice and liberation.

Why Become a Movement Sustainer?

In the US only 7% of grant-making dollars go to groups that are led by communities most impacted by systemic oppression.* At Resist, 100% of the funds we raise go towards grassroots groups that are resisting, reimagining, and building resilience in their communities and all across the country. We might not be able to outspend big philanthropy but with sustained and consistent funding efforts we can ensure that these communities have the resources they need to continue the fight against systemic oppression.

By making a commitment to sustaining the work of these brave and visionary communities you become a part of a 53-year-long history of grassroots fundraising and people-powered movements. There’s a new world coming, our grantees are on the ground ensuring that.

Join us in making their vision a reality and become a movement sustainer today.

* Source: Rick Cohen, “Data Snapshot on Racial Justice Grantmaking,” Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity: Critical Issues 5 (June 2014): 38.