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Our Mission

MCAC was formed in 2020 to elevate the voices of community members in the city of Manchester and to identify community-driven solutions. MCAC works to support communities of color to experience stronger family ties, where children are encouraged to achieve/succeed, and families of color have equal social and economic opportunities.

Our Vision

The City of Manchester is a diverse, welcoming community that fully integrates all residents, with a strong social fabric, where people of color have equal opportunity and representation in the community and in civic matters.

What We Do

We come together to share and discuss needs, and work together to find solutions to societal issues affecting marginalized communities in Manchester. We improve our lives as we organize ourselves to work together, and create a unified agenda and solutions that promote the well-being, sense of belonging, dignity, and justice for all.

Who We Are

Manchester Community Action Coalition, MCAC, is a living organization that provides a safe space for people from historically marginalized groups/identities (Black, Brown, Indigenous, Immigrant, POC, Disability, LGBTQUIA+) in Manchester to discuss, share, and discover needs within the community. We are committed to advocating, researching, referring, and taking action to directly address the concerns/issues currently affecting our community.

Kile Adumene, Executive Director