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We're shifting fundraising culture and practices to build stronger movements in New England.

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We're shifting fundraising culture and practices to build stronger movements in New England.

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Resource Organizing Project is a network of grassroots fundraisers working to shift fundraising culture and practices and to build stronger movements for justice and liberation in New England. We’re doing that by partnering with grassroots movement organizations to fundraise collaboratively, create opportunities for community building, strengthen sustainable fundraising practices, organize movement donors, and move resources into movement work.

In our first year, we partnered with over 50 groups organizing for racial, economic, and climate justice and moved $200,000 in unrestricted dollars to the movement.

We're an offering of the Movement Sustainability Commons.

Our current programs include:

  • Celebration of Grassroots Organizing in Boston: A party in its 9th year, collaboratively raising $110,000 for 11 partners
  • Sustainer Learning Circle: a year-long cohort where groups provide peer support in building monthly giving programs
  • Grassroots Fundraisers Circle: a space for movement fundraisers to find connection, grounding, and support, and move together from scarcity toward abundance.

Seed Sustainers:

ROP supports our partners in building sustainer programs because we believe it’s one of the strongest tools to increase a small organization’s resources, independence and sustainability. It’s time we put our money where our mouth is and fund our own work using strategies in line with our values. Partners’ participation in our programs is majority funded by foundations. The more General Operating support we can bring in through individual supporters, the more flexibility we’ll have in building partnerships.

“Seed Sustainers,” or community members making a monthly donation of any dollar amount to ROP, will be an integral piece of ROP’s community and receive opportunities to deepen their donor activism, including:

  • Annual zoom gatherings for updates on ROP partners’ work
  • Special access to ROP events
  • Giving plan workshops
  • Updates on key opportunities to support New England movement groups

Other Ways to Contribute:

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